Rise 2 Grind Foundation

The direct service that Rise to Grind Foundation offers is psychotherapy. These services are completed by either registered associate therapists, licensed therapists, or student trainees completing their mental health degree requirements. The services are provided to candidates who have Molina or IEHP insurance and/or cash payment at a discounted rate. Services are in means in-person setting, telehealth, family counseling, couple/marriage counseling, and play therapy. Rise to Grind Foundation has five years of experience providing this service to individuals and families in the community.

Rise to Grind Foundation utilizes social media, yelp, google, and other websites to engage diverse participants. Flyers, brochures, and handouts are provided to local business locations to promote mental health services to the community including youth in diverse areas. Therapy is conducted by means of talk therapy using different modalities and interventions such as play therapy to keep the youth engaged. Rise to Grind Foundation is consistently researching improvements that can be made to better assist youth participants.

“Growing up as a kid, I was looking for somebody — not to give me anything — but somebody that cared,”

– Nipsey Hussle

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